Our Mission

Baby Drag Artists was created with the love and understanding of how hard life can be for those who live life on their own terms. Baby Drag Artists LOOKS TO develop opportunities for those who practice the drag arts, but are often overlooked and unseen due to their age (under 21).  A variety of projects will be created in the hopes of giving voice to young and up-and-coming drag creators, sharing their CRAft and talent with the world. 

What does Baby Drag Artists do?

Baby Drag Artists creates opportunities for Baby Drag ArtistS to shine and share their talent with the world.  Stay tuned for future announcements on opportunities to participate!


What is a Baby Drag Artist?

A Baby Drag Artist is a creative person under the age of 21 who dresses in drag.


What is drag?

In the case of Baby Drag Artists, we follow RuPaul's philosophy, "You're born naked and the rest is drag."  Therefore, whatever you "dress up as" is considered valid and your drag.  This includes drag queens, drag kings, bio queens, Bio Kings, TRANS QUEENS, TRANS KiNGS, cosplay, etc.


What if I live far away?

All locations are invited to participate.  Some opportunities may involve a particular location, while other opportunities will be virtual.


I have a question.  To whom should I direct it?

Please contact Baby Drag Artists for more information at info@babydragartists.com.

Serve the children—create drag’s future.
— Ms. Candy Blog, CEO & Founder of Baby Drag Artists